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Saving Our Ecosystem One Step at a Time; SGU Students Talk Recycling in Grenada04/23/2013
Grenada Hosts First Caribbean Bee College04/23/2013
SGU Graduate to Start Endoscopy Unit at General Hospital04/23/2013
Huge Turnout at SGU’s 2013 Career Day04/23/2013
Public Health Department and High Commission of Canada Team Up to Help Revitalize Grenada’s Nutmeg Industry03/29/2013
School of Arts and Sciences Students recognized by Grenadian Government03/29/2013
Dr. Robert C. Gallo Presents The 2013 Keith B. Taylor Memorial Lecture at St. George’s University03/29/2013
SVM Welcomes its Largest Incoming Class at the Fall 2012 White Coat Ceremony09/24/2012
Over 650 Prospective Doctors Inducted at the Fall 2012 SOM White Coat Ceremony in Grenada and UK09/24/2012
Eleven Charter Class Nurses Receive Their Pins09/24/2012
KBTGSP Expedition to the Roman Wall (Hadrian’s Wall)06/01/2012
Dr Wayne Sandiford Presents Lecture on the 2012 Grenada Budget 06/01/2012
SGU Hosts Sexual Abuse and Domestic Violence Workshop for Medical Personnel04/18/2012
IFMSA Educates Primary School Students on Chronic Diseases04/18/2012
CCWA Advocates for Gender Equality and HIV/AIDS Awareness among Caribbean Youths03/12/2012
AMSA’s Annual Valentine's Date Auction benefits Heart Surgery Patient03/12/2012
KBTGSP Global Scholars Lecture Series 2012 ‘Child Health in the Developing World’03/12/2012
ECO Takes Steps to Protect Grenada’s Wildlife03/12/2012
Baron Peter Piot Delivers Lecture on Global Health at St. George’s University02/27/2012
SGU HR Spreads Cheer for the Holiday Season01/04/2012
Outstanding Fifth Termers Recognised01/04/2012
BSA Facilitates Stimulating Discussion on Tourism01/04/2012
Recognition of Excellence in the School of Veterinary Medicine01/04/2012
Fund for the Orphans and Elderly Brings Smiles for Christmas01/04/2012
Launch of the Grenadian Psychological Association01/04/2012
ECO Spearheads International Coastal Cleanup12/05/2011
Dr. Theresa McCann Speaks to SOO on Disaster Preparedness12/05/2011
PSC Begins Workshop Series with SOs12/05/2011
Dr. Allen Pensick Receives SGU’s Highest Honor11/11/2011
Talent Night with the Keith B. Taylor Global Scholars Program11/11/2011