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Bioethics and Public Health Research Project Awarded Wellcome Trust Grant04/23/2013
Inaugural SGU Knowledge Bowl Champs Do it Again 04/23/2013
Eighteen of the Best Inducted into the Alpha Delta Chapter of the Society of Phi Zeta03/29/2013
St. George’s University Alumnus Performs Grenada’s First Angiograms03/29/2013
SGU Students, Faculty and Staff Raise over EC$70,000 for Women’s Rights03/29/2013
New and Improved! SGU Book Store’s Grand Re-opening10/18/2012
IFMSA ‘Healthy Grenada’ Sneaker Donation10/18/2012
One Health, One Medicine Heads North10/18/2012
The Important Role of Standardized Patients in Medical Development10/18/2012
Drs. Shivayogi and Bharti Bhusnurmath Make Waves in AIPNA10/18/2012
SGU Vet Student Participates in Conservation Efforts in South Africa 10/18/2012
Young Scholars Awarded Scholarships09/24/2012
Clinical Tutors off to Residencies09/24/2012
St. George's University Expands Its Reach within the School of Arts and Sciences09/24/2012
Almost 1,000 New MDs in St. George’s University’s 2012 Class08/21/2012
A Celebration of Excellence at SGU’s SAS/GSP 2012 Graduation Ceremony08/21/2012
114 Veterinarians Receive St. George’s University DVM at Lincoln Center Ceremony08/21/2012
Fifth Termers Awarded for Excellence08/21/2012
Clinical Anatomists Discover Heart of Caribbean at St. George’s University08/21/2012
SGU Med/Vet Summer Leadership Academy Celebrates 10 Years of Success 08/21/2012
SGU’s DPHPM continues its Global Recognition with AAPHP Membership06/01/2012
South Korean Team of Maritime Specialists Visits St. George’s University06/01/2012
SGU Alumnus and Charter Member Host Ophthalmology Clinic06/01/2012
SGUSAS Graduates Contribute to Designing an Award Winning Website06/01/2012
Largest Turnout Ever at 2012 Career Day04/18/2012
PBC Victorious in 7th Season of SGU Knowledge Bowl04/18/2012
SGU Students Fight the Spread of TB Halfway Across the Globe04/18/2012
SGU Hosts 18th Geoffrey Bourne Memorial Lecture03/26/2012
Dean Michael Strong of Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry Visits SGU03/26/2012
Dr. Wendy Crawford Daniel Launches Novel03/26/2012