SGU Celebrates Democracy in Grenada at Thanksgiving Memorial Service

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Among those in attendance at the ceremony were Governor General of Grenada His Excellency Sir Carlyle Glean and his wife, Lady Norma Glean; Honorable Nazim Burke, Minister of Finance; Mr. George McGuire Speaker of the House; Sir Daniel Williams, immediate past Governor General, and his wife Lady Gloria Williams; Sir. Paul Scoon, former Governor General, who was the Island’s Head of State at the time of the intervention; Venerable Christian Glasgow, Archdeacon for Grenada; Mr. Bernard Link, U.S. Charge d’Affaires; and Dr. Charles R. Modica, Chancellor, and Dr. Allen Pensick, Provost of St. George’s University.

To begin the ceremony the Royal Grenada Police Force band artfully performed the Grenada and United States anthems and the Venerable Christian Glasgow gave his invocation. Thereafter, attendees heard addresses from Chancellor Charles Modica, Mr. Bernard Link and, Minister Burke, who spoke on behalf of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas.

Chancellor Modica commented in his address: “Each year that passes we celebrate even more that another year has passed in which freedom and democracy have prevailed. For the nineteen soldiers who lost their lives, their legacy endures, their actions were successful and Grenada has shown its appreciation by demonstrating to the world what a healthy democracy and a caring people it has”.

U.S. Charge d’Affaires, Mr. Bernard Link also addressed attendees. He said: “Grenada’s clear and continuing commitment to democracy itself is a fitting memorial to the efforts of those who have sacrificed. Genuine democracy could not have taken root without the commitment of the people and of the successive governments in Grenada. …The United States stood with Grenada in 1983 as democracy returned to the island, we stood with Grenada in 2004 in the wake of hurricane Ivan and we continue to stand with Grenada as we confront common issues of concern… I join you in giving thanks for the many blessings bestowed upon Grenada, its flourishing democracy, its resilience in times of crisis and its optimism and hope for the future.”

Speaking on behalf of Mr. Tillman Thomas, Prime Minister of Grenada, Honorable Nazim Burke said in his address: “On this Thanksgiving Day we renew our pledge to work harmoniously as a people to continue rebuilding and strengthening our democratic institutions. We also commit to ensuring that the difficulties we experienced in 1983 will never be repeated in our beautiful country. We are committed to maintaining a system of values that protects and cherishes the values and contributions of every citizen of this country. While this is a time for looking back, it is also an opportunity to look forward to a better life for every Grenadian and an enhanced experience for every visitor to our shores. We will continue to work together to make Grenada a better place for all of us and for the generations to come.”

Following the addresses, a moment of silence was observed for the nineteen soldiers, after which the bell was tolled as each name was read. A wreath was then ceremoniously laid at the monument by Their Excellencies Sir Carlyle and Lady Glean with musical accompaniment by the band. The event concluded with a Benediction by Archdeacon Glasgow and a reception at Caribbean House.