Issue Date: Mar 13, 2009
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The Disney Five

The opportunity of a lifetime knocked on the doors of five students of the School of Arts and Sciences Business Undergraduate Degree Program last summer. Tornia Charles, Necia Samuel, Nadege Leonce, Dana Lalsee and the lone male Yoan Baldeau were bestowed the honour of being SGU's inaugural participants in the Disney International Program. This unique program allows students to gain experience with a world renowned company, while earning academic credit and a salary. It is a chance to interact with thousands of persons from around the globe and is thus an excellent networking opportunity. A perfect blend of scholastic and career training mixed with fun galore.

Dr. Theodore Hollis, Dean of SAS, visited during the students' internship at Disney and witnessed firsthand what it was like for our students. Dr. Hollis shared: " I was given a tour of the students' accommodation facilities and found them to be quite comfortable. The apartment complexes were heavily secured. It was very clear that student safety is a priority. The students also had entertainment facilities such as a pool and ping-pong tables. Transportation was also provided to and from work."

Dr. Hollis also toured learning facilities available to the students such as computer labs and what he described as a DES type support for the students. He was able to observe a class on Cooperate Communication, which he found fascinating. When asked about the impression our students were making, he responded: " The administration were thrilled with our students. They are friendly, smart and adapted to their new environment quite quickly." He added, "I was completely satisfied with our students. They are strong students and they are doing a wonderful job of being great ambassadors for SGU." Dr. Hollis hopes that more students would take advantage of this remarkable internship opportunity. Learn more about our students' experiences.

Student submission: Mahera Strachan

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Fund for Orphans and Elderly Reports Donations of Nearly $100,000

From left: Sr. Francis - Nelson, Dr. C.V. Rao, Mrs. Modica and Dr. Modica, Mr. Carlyle Glean (Governor General)
Grenadian and Caribbean art was the feature of the recently held Fund for Orphans and Elderly Gala which was graciously hosted by Their Excellencies, Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Glean. The University community was joined by Members of Parliament, members of the business community, caregivers and well wishers to raise funds for the orphan and elderly institutions in Grenada. Last year, the Fund disbursed just under one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000). The donations were used to purchase beds, mattresses, pampers, food, school supplies, appliances, development projects and other necessities for the homes. The funds are disbursed based on needs identified by the homes and after exploration by the Board of the Fund, which is comprised of University and community volunteers.

His Excellency Mr. Carlyle Glean thanked the guests and SGU’s visiting clinicians for supporting the work of the Fund and appealed to them to continue their efforts on behalf of the residents in the homes. Recalling the story of the beginnings of the Fund when the University’s Dean of Women Emeritus, Dr. Nelly Golarz de Bourne took him to visit the Sapodilla Home, SGU’s Chancellor, Dr. Charles Modica praised the generosity of each patron who has contributed to the more than one and a half million dollars ($1,500,000) that the Fund has invested in providing for the disadvantaged in our community. He said that the decision to spend every penny donated directly on the disadvantaged is significant and he reiterated the University’s continued commitment to meeting all the administrative costs of the Fund and its fundraising activities.

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Complementary Medicine Selective

The Complementary Medicine Selective is an integral part of the cadre of selective courses offered to students during their basic sciences years. It is a one credit course that provides a comprehensive survey in various areas of complementary medicine. Its main objective is to expose students to as many complementary healthcare areas as possible, and to help them to understand how these can be used with conventional medicine for better patient care.

The goals, underlying methodologies, strengths and weaknesses of each area are addressed. Also, the risks and costs associated with each area from the perspective of the patient as well as healthcare provider are explored. This selective is delivered by visiting professors as well as local professionals in their various fields. The students are encouraged to take advantage of opportunities to draw from their expertise and experience. The full story relates one professional's experiences of this semester's selective:

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SGU Fosters Partnerships to Improve Cardiology Care

Dr. Caccavo(right) and Echotechnician Jesselia Roberts
Over 200 heart patients have been treated over the last sixteen months according to Dr. Johansen Sylvester, coordinator of St. George’s University’s Visiting Adult Cardiology Program. Dr. Sylvester explained that through this initiative, the University and the Ministry of Health have been able to facilitate the provision of secondary cardiology services free of cost to patients.

The care was provided during more than 40 clinics which have been held in Grenada and Carriacou, with the General Hospital’s Outpatient Department as the primary centre. Most patients seen were referred by district and hospital physicians, in addition to many acutely ill inpatients at the General Hospital. There are a further 24 clinics scheduled for the first half of this year, with six SGU alumni participating and others scheduled to join in the latter half of the year. It is estimated that some 400 plus patients would have benefited from this program by the end of 2009.

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SGU's Annual Clinical Meetings

A total of 230 clinicians convened in Grenada during 9th – 13th February for the annual clinical meetings. In his welcome letter Provost Dr. Allen Pensick highlighted: “These meetings are about assessing and refocusing what we already know is a successful formula to ensure that we maintain our standing as an international centre of excellence.”

The meetings serve as a catalyst for discussions that would help to steer the direction of the School of Medicine. Dr. Pensick expressed his confidence that the clinicians are “committed to (their) responsibility as stewards of the future, in a climate of radical transformation. St. George’s University has graduated over 7,000 physicians who serve in the private and public sectors across the globe. Highlights of the visit include the Geoffrey H. Bourne Lecture, Keith B. Taylor Lecture and the Fund for Orphans and Elderly Gala evening.

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SGU Knowledge Bowl in its 4th Season

Mac Donald College's SGU Knowledge Bowl Team
The excitement is mounting as the days draw closer and closer to the finals of the 4th Season of SGU Knowledge Bowl. The quiz involving 18 of Grenada’s 22 Secondary schools, got off to a fine start on 17th January, when the schools paired off for the first round of the competition. The Grenada Boys’ Secondary School (GBSS) former Knowledge Bowl champions moved quickly to establish their dominance, amassing the highest total for round one of the competition. It soon became evident that this was not going to be a walk in the park and at the end of round one, the other nine schools advancing to the next round, understood that this was serious business.

At the quarter finals, defending Knowledge Bowl champions the Anglican High School came up against Beacon High School but were forced to wave their dreams for another victory goodbye, when their were outperformed by the team from Beacon High. In a nail-biting match, St. Joseph’s Convent St. George’s just managed to hold their own against Mac Donald College...

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